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Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair TipsPublished On 03 Aug 2013How to Make a Simple Dutch BraidA Dutch braid, also known as the inverted French braid and Dutch French braid, is a sexy hairstyle that can be worn at work, but also in m…

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Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Celebrity Hairstyles
Published On 04 Oct 2013

Demi Lovato’s new blue hair and her performance of her new single “Neon Lights” presented on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ were both pleasant surprises for the audience, but her new beauty makeover was by far the bigger shocker. 

The pop star was never shy as far as experimenting with new hair colors is concerned, (in May she changed her signature brown tresses for a honey blonde shade), however this was one of her boldest makeovers yet, if not the boldest and it definitely matched the spirit of her song.

With her bold new blue hair color, a bold smokey eye makeup, black nail polish, cool leather jacket and edgy jewelry, the X Factor judge looked like a true rock star. 

Demi Lovato Blue Hair Color 2013

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Posted In Love and Relationships / Relationship AdvicePublished On 16 Sep 2013Do you feel like doing something sweet for that special someone in your life? Here are some nice things you can do for your boyfriend, whether it’s a special occasion or not….

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Posted In Hairstyles and Haircuts / Professional Hair Tips
Published On 04 Oct 2013

Let’s face it and admit the ugly truth! There have been some crazy hairstyles out there that can be easily considered as being the worst hairstyles of all time.
Ladies, here is a list of what could easily be considered the worst haircuts ever:

The Rachel

We know very well the Rachel character from the funny sitcom ‘Friends’. Well, her hairstyle became so popular that every woman out there wanted to look like Jennifer Aniston’s character. It was a true “madness” and many women wore this haircut, whether it fitted them or not. Aniston even confessed afterwards that she hated that look.

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Posted In Fashion and Style / Fashion NewsPublished On 04 Oct 2013Quirkiness had a special place at the Paris Fashion Week spring 2014 edition. As much as we love trends, there’s always something incredibly refreshing about designers and labels which e…

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Posted In Body and Skin Care / Perfect Skin
Published On 28 Jan 2015

Affecting up to 90% of women, cellulite has both genetic and
hormonal causes, but not a lot of solutions. While some treatments promise to
eliminate it completely, the best you can hope for is temporary relief.

When you’re starting to see dimpling on your skin, it’s very
important to avoid the things that make cellulite worse. From lack of exercise
to a diet that’s unbalanced and increases your BMI, here are your top enemies
when you’re trying to fight cellulite.

1. Dehydration

When your skin is dry, the dimpling of cellulite is more
noticeable, but this isn’t a problem you can fix with the right moisturizer.
Make sure that you’re drinking enough fluids, more water and less sugary sodas,
along with coffee or alcohol. Eating water rich foods and vegetables can also
help you prevent dehydration that make cellulite stand out.

2. Smoking

It’s bad for your health, but smoking is also one of the things
that make cellulite worse. Besides the effects smoke has on your skin,
including aging and an uneven complexion, smoking is also linked to reduced
blood flow. However, the main reason why smoking can increase the appearance of
cellulite is the fact that it can affect collagen formation, making fat more
visible under your skin.

3. Being Sedentary

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Posted In Cosmetics / Makeup Products
Published On 03 Oct 2013

The NARS Guy Bourdin holiday 2013 makeup collection pays tribute to the work of famed French photographer Guy Bourdin, who inspired François Nars ever since he was a child. 

The famed photographer was mostly known for his inclination towards bold, sensual accents, so naturally the new line aims to emphasize these characteristics first and foremost. This means there’s a strong focus on vivid eyeshadow colors, sexy lipstick shades and fabulous nail polishes, designed to help you reveal your inner vixen and create the iconic “saturated, cinematic Bourdin look”. 

Here’s what the new line offers:

NARS Guy Bourdin Cinematic Eyeshadows ($24)

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Posted In Makeup / Makeup TipsPublished On 03 Oct 2013The clock is ticking and you have to attend that important meeting in less than an hour. Your outfit is ready, you just have to look fresh and smile. You should not be concerned, because here are so…

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Posted In Fashion and Style / Fashion Accessories
Published On 27 Jan 2015

Costume jewelry is a growing trend, but just because it’s
accessible doesn’t mean it will also look great on you. Some fake stones look
better than others, but there’s more to choosing jewelry that will look luxe
with a small price tag.

Find out how to find expensive looking jewelry and how to
wear it for the maximum effect. When you can’t spend too much on your accessories,
follow these great tips to get the most out of your investment and complete
your style.

Invest in Sets

Jewelry sets are usually priced well, and you’re getting a
deal compared to buying the pieces on their own. However, when you’re buying a
cheap set, it’s important to always wear the pieces separately. When they’re
all together, clues about their less than great quality add up. So save some
money by getting a set, but make sure every component can be paired with other pieces
from your jewelry collection.

Avoid Anything That
Looks Junior

Even when they’re very expensive, some pieces just look
cheap. From charm bracelets to different types of jewelry in bright colors or
cute shapes (animals or insects), they’re never the answer to the question of how
to find expensive looking jewelry. If it has hearts or other easily
recognizable shapes, then you’re better off passing, since they won’t look
sophisticated and expensive.

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Posted In Love and Relationship / Flirting and Dating
Published On 27 Jan 2015

The end of a relationship is always difficult, but it’s even
more upsetting when you start to notice that most of your relationships tend to
have the same problems or end because of the same issues. Whether it’s your
choice in men or something else, it’s time to make a change for the better.

Find out how to break the cycle of bad relationships by
taking a few important steps towards discovering the core of the issue and
making better choices. No matter what the common issue is with all your failed
relationships, here’s what you need to do in order to move on to a better one.

Take Responsibility

If it’s always his fault, you won’t make a lot of progress
and find a relationship that makes you happier. Start by taking responsibility
for your mistakes. At the very least, you’re choosing the wrong guys and
ignoring red flags. Without taking even a little responsibility for your part
in the demise of your relationships, you can’t really learn from your mistakes
in order to move on.

Forgive Yourself for
Your Mistakes

Once you’ve accepted your role in the failed relationships, the
next step in order to break the cycle of bad relationships is to forgive
yourself. Even if your only mistake was to trust the wrong guys, beating
yourself up for it won’t help you make better choices the next time around. If
you secretly feel that you deserve everything bad that happened, you won’t be
able to attract a partner who will treat you the right way.

Find the Source of
the Pattern

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