Worst Hair Removal Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make

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Published On 27 Aug 2014

Even if you think you know everything you need about hair removal, you might be falling in a few common traps that end up hurting more than helping. If you’re ready to get the best results, then you need to avoid all the worst hair removal mistakes.

From the right way to exfoliate to getting ready for laser hair removal and protecting your skin after it, here’s what you need to know about hair removal errors to stay away from in order to get the best results without bad side-effects for your skin.

Not Exfoliating

Proper exfoliation will help you get rid of dead skin cells and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Because waxing and shaving also have an exfoliating effect, it’s important to do it 24 hours in advance. If you’re not a fan of body scrubs, use chemical exfoliators with AHAs or BHAs before going for the razor. Shaving after proper exfoliation also means a lower risk of cuts.

Using Chemical Exfoliation Before Waxing

While chemical exfoliants are safe before using a razor, they’re not so good for waxing. One of the worst hair removal mistakes is using AHAs or BHAs before waxing, especially if you’re doing it at home. The risk of damaging your skin is high, so avoid them for a week before waxing and try more traditional means of exfoliation to get your skin ready.

Shaving with a Dull Blade

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