World’s Largest Vivid Blue Diamond to Sell for $25 Million

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Published On 30 Apr 2014

The world's largest flawless vivid blue diamond, The Blue, will be the centerpiece of the annual Christie's Magnificent Jewels auction which will be held in Geneva on 14 May and which will comprise 250 pieces at an estimated total value of $80 million. The Blue is a 13.22-carat diamond which is expected to fetch up to $25 million, or about £13.5 million.

Currently owned by an anonymous seller, the pear-shaped diamond will have an asking price of between $21 and $25 million, however, if past auctions are to be taken as reference, the final bid might exceed this price range significantly. The world's largest orange diamond, The Orange, sold last November, was sold for close to $35.5 million setting a world record for an orange diamond, even though the starting price was a “modest” $17 - $20 million.

The Blue Worlds Largest Vivd Blue DiamondThe Ocean Dream Diamond

Besides, The Blue diamond, the auction will also feature another extremely rare blue green diamond, The Ocean Dream, which has 5.50 carats and which is estimated to be worth up to $9.5 million. Blue diamonds are considered to be among the rarest color of precious stones and everything from the diamond's natural origin, size and color make the precious stone an “extremely unusual occurrence” and consequently make it one of the most interesting offerings that will definitely spark the bidders' interest.

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