Why Skip These Foods for Flat Abs

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Published On 06 Jun 2014

If you’re trying to lose belly fat, you don’t just need to lose weight and exercise, you should also ban a few foods that are natural enemies for flat abs. By saying goodbye to the foods that work against your goal, you’ll be able to tone your abs and get rid of the belly fat much faster.

Find out more about the worst foods to eat for flat abs, and learn how to substitute them with healthier and leaner alternatives that can help you tone your muscles and lose the unwanted fat.

Refined Carbs

White flour and products made from it are the worst kinds of carbs you can eat. They instantly spike blood sugar, and that means more fat storage and more hunger pangs when the blood sugar drops. Replace white bread and pasta from your diet with whole-grain cereal products and you’ll be avoiding one of the worst foods to eat for flat abs.

Alcoholic Beverages

All types of alcohol are empty calories, but they also decrease your inhibitions, making you more likely to binge on foods you know you’re supposed to avoid. Keep alcohol to a minimum, and stick to heart-healthy red wine instead of beer, hard liquor or cocktails that can include more calories than a full meal.

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