Why Get Married? Here Are 10 Reasons

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Published On 04 Jun 2014

While marriage is considered an outdated institution by many, society still rewards those who decide to make their relationship official. Once you’re in a long-term loving relationship, you may consider the marriage license a worthless piece of paper, but it’s definitely more than that.

Find out more about the best 10 reasons to get married, reasons that have nothing to do with religion or traditions, but can have a big impact on your life as part of a couple.

1. Make the Ultimate Commitment

When you make a legal commitment to your partner, you’re truly beginning a new stage in your life. Even those who come from families where marriage didn’t end up as a good thing can benefit from a marriage license, if only to prove that a commitment can be done right.

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2. Marriage Can Be Whatever You Want It to Be

Most people who hate marriage and ignore even the most reasonable reasons to get married forget the fact that they have the biggest say in what their own marriage can be. What you’re getting is a set of legal benefits, but the emotional part of the marriage is decided through compromise between you and your partner. Marriage doesn’t have to be monogamy or an institution of a patriarchal society, people made it that, but those people aren’t around to dictate to you and your loved one what your marriage is.

3. You’re More Likely to Work on Your Relationship

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