When It’s OK to Skip a Workout

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Published On 13 Nov 2014

Whether you’re working out to lose weight or to tone your muscles, a regular exercise schedule can help you stay on track. That doesn’t mean that skipping one workout will put an end to all your efforts, especially when there are extenuating circumstances.

Take a look at the main reasons to skip a workout, and decide for yourself when it’s better to stick to your exercise routine even if you don’t feel like it and when it’s better to just take a break.

You’re Sick

Many claim that exercising when you have a cold is good for the immune system, but that’s not always the case. If your only symptoms are fatigue and a runny nose, you’re good to go. However, when you’re dealing with a fever, it’s important to let your body focus its resources on healing without adding stress. Stick to moderate exercises for a cold, but say no to workouts when you’re feverish or have flu symptoms.

You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Exercise taking up time that would be better spent sleeping is definitely one of the reasons to skip a workout. You can probably power through your exercise routine after a single night without enough rest, but if you’re having trouble sleeping for more than a single night, take a nap instead of hitting the gym.

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