When It’s OK to Lie in a Relationship

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Published On 25 Oct 2014

While conventional wisdom says that lying in a relationship is never acceptable, the truth is that some small lies can actually contribute to a healthy relationship. Brutal honesty can feel like rejection a lot of times, but the trick is knowing when it’s the right time to tell a white lie and when it’s time to be truthful.

There are plenty of reasons to lie to your significant other, from avoiding conflict to sparing your partner a lot of hurt, but the key to keeping things balanced is knowing when it’s OK to lie in a relationship. Find out which small lies aren’t that bad.

Little White Lies vs. Deceit

Before you learn more about acceptable lies, it’s important to draw the line between a few kind lies and outright deceit. If you let lying take over your interactions with your partner, things will end badly. Fibbing is only acceptable when honesty takes second place to being loyal, compassionate or morally supportive. Avoid being deceitful in a way that’s clearly a betrayal of trust.

When You’ve Got a Crush

It would be nice if love was a constant an overflowing feeling, but even when you’re very much in love, you can still find other people very attractive. Having a crush is one of the best examples of when it’s OK to lie in a relationship. Your boyfriend or husband doesn’t need to hear about your new hot co-worker. The crush will pass, and your relationship will be stronger because you didn’t go for total honesty and made your guy jealous over nothing.

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