When Celebrities Turn Home Designers

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Published On 11 Jul 2014

Celebrities often want to express their creativity in more than one field and the easiest option for many is interior design. Some home decor collections have evolved as extensions from celebrity fashion brands, others are standalone endeavors.

Discover some of the best celebrity home decor lines, that might give your home the perfect touch of glamour and style. From Sofia Vergara’s Kmart home collection to Justin Timberlake decor site HomeMint, here are the celebrities who managed to find success with their interior design endeavors. 

Sofia Vergara for Kmart Collection

Sofia Vergara Kmart Home Collection

“Sofia by Sofia Vergara” is one of the latest projects in the “Modern Family” actress’ expanding brand. Sofia’s home collection is available exclusively at Kmart and features affordable items for the bedroom and bath, including everything from bedding and throw pillow covers to towels and lotion pumps in vibrant colors.

Beyoncé's House of Dereon Home

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