What to Do When His Friends Don’t Like You

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Published On 28 Sep 2014

If you’re hoping for a long-term relationship, getting along with your boyfriend’s friends is very important. Thinking that you can just phase them out of his life rarely ends up as a success story, so you should be more focused on dealing with the situation.

Here’s what to do and what not to do when his friends don’t like you, from trying to connect with them the right ways to asking for help when you’re really getting frustrated about the situation.

Are You Sure They Don’t Care for You?

There are plenty of reasons why his friends aren’t invested in connecting to you right away, and most of them aren’t personal. If your guy has a lot of relationships, they simply might not want to invest their time in you when they think you’ll out of the picture soon enough. Ex-girlfriends his friends loved are another obstacle, but you shouldn’t automatically assume they hate you just because they seem a bit cold when you first meet them.

Start Making an Effort

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