‘What It’s Like To Be A Woman At Night’ Is Sadly Very Accurate

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Published On 05 May 2014

'What It's Like To Be A Woman At Night' is the title of a heartbreaking but incredibly accurate Buzzfeed video that describes how many women feel every time they have to walk alone at night. What should be a simple act, is often anything but a comfortable and safe choice. The awareness that their gender makes them a target, the creative measures that helps women feel safer and more in control in the face of a potential threat are just some of the issues that the six women interviewed highlighted.

While the women interviewed in the video have different ages, races and backgrounds, the concerns and fears they face are universal. The unfortunate reality that women can't really be too careful whenever they are forced to walk alone after dark is realized early on by most women and that fear never really ends. Feeling safe at night is extremely difficult even when adopting certain precautionary measures for the purpose since the possibility of getting attacked still remains high in spite of them.

Carrying a pocket knife, placing keys between knuckles to “feel like Wolverine” or simply carrying pepper spray can provide a temporary sense of security but don't ultimately do much to reassure women who feel the need to be prepared to defend themselves at all times.

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