Tips to Stay Full Longer

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Published On 20 May 2014

One of the biggest challenges for diets involving calorie restriction is feeling full and curbing hunger. Feeling hungry can quickly zap motivation to stick to the diet or lead to binge eating after a while. Learning a few tricks to keep you feeling full for longer, on the other hand, will help make sticking to your diet goal a little easier. Here are some of the tricks to help you feel full for longer:

Opt for low density foods

One of the common tips for feeling full is to drink a glass of water before a meal to be able to eat less. However, eating low density foods, which contain a high percentage of water can prove a better strategy. This is because unlike simply drinking water before a meal, foods that contain water stay longer in the stomach, so the feeling of satiety persists for longer.

Fill up with fiber

Fiber Rich Food

Fiber rich foods are perfect hunger suppressants because they help keep blood sugar levels stable for longer, which leads to fewer cravings. They also require more chewing, which tends to slow down the eating pace and makes it easier to feel satiated sooner. According to a study, eating an apple before a meal helped participants cut 187 calories from their course and researchers state that apples' fiber content might be the cause for the easy calorie cut-back.

Snack on nuts

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