Things You Should Never Say to a Guy

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Published On 23 Aug 2014

Just because men like to pretend they’re strong doesn’t mean that your words can’t cut them deeply. Check out a few things you should never say to a guy, which may make him feel as bad as you would if he said: “Those jeans make you look fat.”

Whether or not your intention is to hurt him, these few phrases can have a lot of power and push him away, even if you didn’t really mean to be insulting or dismissive when you uttered them to your man or your new crush.

We Need to Talk...

If you want to instantly raise his heart rate and make him think of every worst case scenario possible, these 4 words always do the trick. Whether you’re planning on asking him to buy low fat milk instead of regular or want to discuss something important about your relationship, this is never the way to approach it. “We need to talk” just instantly puts him in panic mode and makes him defensive right off the bat.

Are You Done?

Out of all the things you should never say to a guy during sex, this one is probably the worst. If he wasn’t done before, he definitely is now. There’s so much wrong with this line, from the implication that you’re a passive participant in sex to the idea that you can’t wait to get out of bed, that you should never say it out loud.

That’s So Cute!

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