The Trendiest Toe Nail Designs for Summer

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Published On 29 May 2014

This sandal season toe nail designs are all about simplicity and style, meaning sophisticated nail art is out and easy, low maintenance styles are in! Now, just because simplicity was the word used to describe the newest toe nail art tendencies it doesn't mean that the result obtained cannot be a spectacular one. Take glitters for example: a glitter mix applied strategically on the nails can take a nail art design from simple to fabulous in seconds and playing with glitter is not only easy, it's super fun too.

As a total nail art addict, whether it's fingers or tippy toes we're talking about, the fact that high maintenance nails are out is a relief as getting your nails done at salons can be quite expensive and let's face it, why commit to a single design for a couple of weeks when you can explore your talent and have pretty polished toes every time you wish.
The new, simplicity oriented toe nail art designs will surely amp-up the style power of your chicest sandals this summer so give the following trendy toe nail art styles a try and don't be afraid to push the boundaries by pitch-in a few ideas to customize your summer pedicure.

All monochome nails

Colored Toenails
Monochrome Pedicure

Simple colored nails have managed to climb to the top of the nail preferences, so take advantage of this no-fuss nail art trend and paint your nails in one color. Red, blue, orange, green and pink nail polish colors are the ones to go for this summer, so use the shade that suits your style best. Intense is better, but you can choose to play with pretty pastels too without fearing your digits will look less stylish.
You can stick to one color or you can paint each nail a different shade and your toenails will look ultra-chic.

Turquoise Pedicure
Monochrome Ombre Pedicure

TIP: To take your nails from simple to fab in an instant and without any effort apply a rhinestone at the base of your toenail (center) while your nail polish is still wet and wait for the color to dry before sealing the color and rhinestone with a clear top coat.

Mixed textures

Glitter And Monochromatic Pedicure
Red Silver Glitter Toenails

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