The Engine 2 Diet: Pros and Cons

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Published On 12 Jun 2014

Created by firefighter Rip Esselstyn, the Engine 2 diet is completely plant-based and has many dietary restrictions, but it delivers on its promise of weight loss and improve health. This low-fat diet removes all animal products, processed foods and even vegetable oils from your diet, delivering all nutrients from plant sources.

If you’re a “firefighter”, you can jump right in, or if you’re a “fire cadet”, you need to take the “28-Day Challenge” to completely change the way you eat for less fats and less cholesterol.

Pros of the Engine 2 Diet

A nutritionally sound diet that follows all of the federal government’s guideline for protein, carbs and fat, the Engine 2 diet may be a big change for many dieters, but it was plenty of benefits.


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