The Craziest Beauty Secrets Celebrities Swear By!

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Published On 06 Jun 2014

The pursuit of youth through plastic surgery has become mainstream, but Hollywood celebrities still have an edge other most women, even if they never go under the knife. Some celebs swear by really bizarre skin care treatments that help them look their best on the red carpet.

Discover a few crazy beauty secrets of Hollywood stars, from exotic and expensive treatments to simple solutions that you can try at home for free.

Demi Moore’s Youthful Skin Secret

One of the truly bizarre beauty treatment involves live leeches, and Demi Moore isn’t afraid to admit and even recommend it. 

Demi Moore Leeches Skin Secret

“These aren’t just swamp leeches, these are highly trained medical leeches,” she jokes on “The Late Show With David Letterman”, after admitting to using one of crazy beauty secrets of Hollywood stars.

Lady Gaga’s Makeup Removal Secret

Lady Gaga Scotch Tape Glitter Remover

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