Signs He’s Going to Be Abusive

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Published On 26 Oct 2014

Trusting your instinct at the beginning of a relationship is very important, but there are also plenty of signs that can help you realize something is wrong. Recognizing the signs he’s going to be abusive is very important so you can avoid a traumatic experience.

While all of these red flags can point to many other relationship issues, when you’re seeing a few of them in the same guy, there’s an increased risk that he’ll be abusive. Cut your losses and end a relationship when your guy is showing most of the signs.

He’s Jealous

A little jealousy is a healthy part of most relationships, but when he’s showing more than the usual, it might be a red flag. When jealousy and possessiveness get out of hand, emotional, verbal and even physical abuse aren’t fat off. The reason for this also has to do with his insecurities, but jealousy in the first stages of a relationship is never a good sign.

He Gets Controlling

Controlling behaviour is one of the biggest signs he’s going to be abusive. It’s usually justified by claiming that it’s for the victim’s own good, but it can get dangerous quickly. For some men who show controlling impulse, the result is emotional abuse, but refusing to subject yourself to it can also lead to physical violence.

He Doesn’t Respect You

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