Should You Start a Macrobiotic Diet?

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Published On 30 May 2014

With a name derived from the Greek word for “long life”, the macrobiotic diet is considered by many a celebrity fad. Before making up your mind if this type is suitable to your lifestyle or not, find out more about the essential components of this way of eating and living.

Switching to a macrobiotic diet has plenty of weight loss benefits, but it can also lead to serious nutritional deficiencies. Discover the macrobiotic diet basics and decide if it’s the right solution for you.

Macrobiotic Diet Philosophy

The macrobiotic way of life involves many healthy habits, from chewing your food more to exercising regularly, but the basic way of seeing food involves separating it into two categories: Ying or stimulating food, which should be consumed rarely or not at all, and Yang or strengthening food. Many fruits and vegetables and all spices fall into the category of Ying foods, so there are severe restrictions to the diet. One of the microbiotic diet basics involved giving up processed foods and drink, including coffee, and focusing on locally grown organic food with little processing.

Benefits Of Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Diet Foods

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