Shortest Celebrity Marriages

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Published On 10 Jun 2014

Since whirlwind romances seem to exclude the idea of a prenup, most quick celebrity marriages end up with an annulment, but many others involve a long divorce process, even though the split occurred very quickly after tying the knot.

Find more about some of the shortest celebrity marriages, unions that didn’t even even last for six months, and the rare ones who didn’t even last a week.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries – 72 Days

The $10 million “dream wedding” was followed by one a really short marriage, but not one of the fastest celebrity divorces. Kim found comfort in Kanye West’s arms quickly, but Humphries stalled the divorce procedures in order to get a bigger payday.

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green – 5 Months

Drew Barrymore And Tom Green

The actress and the comedian got hitched in 2001, and their union was dissolved the following year. Drew Barrymore and Tom Green actually split after just 5 months, in the middle of a series of very unfortunate events: the actress lost her home in a fire and Green was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush – 5 Months

Chad Michael Murray And Sophia Bush

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