Shiney Hiney Facials aka Butt Facials Are Now a Thing

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Published On 27 May 2014

There's a new type of facial available; it's called the 'Shiney Hiney Facial' and it's essentially a butt facial, a beauty trend that comes just in time for the bikini season. It seems like the rise of belfies (backside selfies) might have made this service gain momentum, however, the pressure to look good for bikini season can also be a good explanation for the this beauty service's raising popularity.

Esthetician Molly Lamb, who currently offers the service at Skin by Molly salon, based in Brooklyn, explained how the service came to exist. The butt facial offered by Molly was apparently born out of one client's necessity to deal with issues such as acne on that specific area, which is why the targeted treatment made sense: “Hey, skin is skin, I got no judgment. Acne can flare up anywhere,” the esthetician stated.

The butt facial treatment lasts for 30 minutes and involves exfoliation through a process similar to microdermabrasion, followed by a peel and a steaming treatment which is meant to keep your derriere completely blemish free. The treatment will set you back $65.

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