Shine Free! Ways to Fight Oily Summer Skin

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Published On 30 May 2014

Shine is usually a problem if you have oily or combination skin, but when the weather gets hot, not even women with dry skin are spared from unwanted shine. Find out how to streamline your beauty routine and how to pick the right products for keeping your skin shine-free.

Try the best ways to fight shine and keep your skin matte and beautiful all summer long with these helpful tips.

Avoid Clogging Your Pores with Makeup

Using too much makeup will clog your pores and increase shine, regardless of the weather. Using a good primer helps, but you should also try switching foundation for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with a lighter texture. Mousse foundations are a better choice that those with a thick consistency, while a mineral foundation will keep excess oil in check.

Don’t Skip the Toner

Including a toner in your daily beauty routine will make a big difference and it’s definitely one of the best ways to fight shine. Good options to try include anti-shine toners made by Avène and L'Oréal or the Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Toner. Alcohol-free toners are a better option to control shine more efficiently in the long run, since the skin won’t try to overcompensate by producing more sebum after it’s stripped away.

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