She Proved Once Again She’s One of the Hottest Celebrity Moms

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Published On 28 May 2014

It seems Gisele Bundchen is one of the hottest celebrity moms as the 33 year old supermodel posed for the cover of Lui Magazine wearing only a pair of stilettos.
The fact that she's managed to become the world's highest paid model doesn't come as a shock once you get a glimpse of her gazelle-like legs and perfect body, envied by women and craved by men.

Apparently, Gisele, who was named by the late Alexander McQueen 'the Body' at the debut of her modeling career, loves balancing her career and her personal life, and it seems that she does so perfectly as she's remained a top model in the industry and she's welcomed two members to the family, a son and a daughter.

Gisele Bundchen Lui Magazine Cover

Gisele, who makes looking good seem effortless, stripped down to nothing but a sexy pair of stilettos for one of the snaps captured by photographers Mert & Marcus for Lui Magazine, revealing that pregnancy didn't take its tole on her body and that she's truly blessed with good genes. Although she's in her thirties, Gisele Bundchen nude puts women a decade younger to shame as few manage to look as sizzling photoshop or not! Hey, even Mert Alas was proud of his work as he shared the photos of Gisele Bundchen nude for Lui on his Instagram account.

Gisele Bundchen Lui Magazine

Although sexy pics are not a novelty in the modeling industry – Gisele has done her fair share; Rihanna has recently posed with her bare bottom - looking as flawless after having two children is a big deal. There's been a lot of buzz concerning the pressure women are put under after giving birth to snap back into shape, but it seems that Gisele has done nothing to join either of the two sides. Apparently, she loves staying fit doing mostly yoga, and she's been slender all of her life, which is why she probably succeeded shedding the weight quickly even after her second pregnancy, managing to snap back in shape for a sexy shoot for Vogue Brazil just 8 weeks after giving birth.

Gisele Bundchen Lui

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