Shape to Publish Previously Rejected Weight Loss Bikini Photos

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Published On 14 May 2014

Brooke Birmingham, the 28 year old blogger from Quad Cities behind, managed to lose a whopping 172 pounds over the past four-and-half years. Her amazing weight loss success story managed to capture the attention of Shape magazine. The well known publication wanted to make a success story to present her amazing journey and contacted her for an interview a week ago. 

The problem came after the interview, when the magazine refused to use the bikini photo she sent them to include for the feature and asked for a different picture of her wearing a shirt.

Shape magazine's refusal to include the photo she sent them made Brooke furious, since she perceived it as a veiled refusal to offer a clear, realistic view of how bodies look like after losing such an impressive amount of weight, especially given the fact that many other similar features on the magazine's website don't abide the same principle. 

This was the moment when her refusal to send a different picture and her response to the magazine managed to become viral.

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