Selena Gomez Dating Orlando Bloom?

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Published On 29 Apr 2014

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom sparked dating rumors after they have been spotted hanging out together Saturday night after the Chelsea Handler Uganda Be Kidding Me live show at The Forum in Los Angeles. The dating rumors started because the two celebrities have been spotted arriving in the same car and left together after the show ended.

The two seemed quite comfortable and happy in each other's presence. An undisclosed source told Hollywood Life that both of them seem to be enjoying the moment but made no mentions of a possible romantic relationship: “Selena actually looked really happy. They both seemed in great spirits.” 

They were photographed hanging out after the show. Selena was dressed in an all black ensemble sitting near Orlando Bloom who appeared to be smoking. According to the two were taken by surprise by photographers and left in opposite directions once they saw they were being photographed, even though the photo doesn't show any signs of PDA or anything compromising.

Selena Gomez Orlando Bloom

The two of them have been spotted at numerous events in the past few months, however, it was only the recent event that made everyone question whether there is something more to it than simple coincidences. Since neither of the the two celebs nor their reps have commented on the subject, it's quite hard to determine whether the two are just friends or whether there's something more to it.

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