See Which Body Parts Reveal Your Age First

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Published On 23 May 2014

There are certain cues which instantly give clues about someone's real age. Some body parts in particular, give off someone's real age surprisingly quick and, more often than not, they're the ones that are often neglected when it comes to skin care. Discover which are the body parts that reveal your true age and how you can slow down the signs of aging:


The delicate skin around the eyes naturally loses its elasticity with age and the supportive muscles around the eyes become weaker. Minimizing excessive rubbing and using eye cream are among the best ways to delay the signs of aging.


The hands are constantly exposed to the sun and come in contact with various other chemical substances throughout the day, so it's no wonder they are the first ones to betray someone's real age. While most women are aware of the need for moisturizing and sun protection, areas such as the back of the hands often neglected. Make sure to use intensely moisturizing creams and be sure to apply sunscreen thoroughly to prevent age spots.

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