Scary! 10 Toxic Ingredients in Hair Products

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Published On 29 Aug 2014

From shampoos to hair dyes, many toxic ingredients in hair products can affect more than just your hair. Learn more about the most dangerous ones that can actually have a big impact on your health.

Make sure that you avoid using any hair products that contain these toxic ingredients in the long run. Even if you think you can’t escape dangerous chemicals whatever you do, avoiding these toxic ingredients in hair products is the right thing to do for your health.

1. Aminomethyl Propanol

Used to adjust pH in many hair products, aminomethyl propanol is safe at concentrations of 2% or below, but many product have higher levels of this potentially dangerous chemicals. The highest risk of toxicity is linked for hair dyes and products that straighten your hair. If the concentration level is above 12%, aminomethyl propanol becomes a potential carcinogenic.

2. Ammonium Persulfate

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