Relationship Deal Breakers

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Published On 23 Jun 2014

From substance abuse issues to lack of emotional support, there are many reasons why it’s better to end a relationship, especially in the very early stages. While many relationship deal breakers apply even to marriages, some of the huge red flags start rising right from the first stages of dating.

Discover the relationship trouble that you shouldn’t ignore when you’re trying to decide if staying in the relationship is the right way to go.

Lack of Emotional Support

When your partner is behind you 100%, you’re on the way to a successful relationship. However, if you see that emotional support is the last thing on your boyfriend’s mind, you should start a talk about that. Some men don’t even realize when they’re being dismissive or misogynistic. If you don’t notice any changes after telling him that it’s important to feel supported, the future of the relationship should be in question.

Man Showing Emotional Support

Flirting with Other Women

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