Rave Makeup Ideas

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Published On 05 Oct 2014

When you’re getting ready for a rave, waterproof makeup is a must, but black light makeup isn’t the only cool idea you should try. Check out a few rave makeup ideas that are based on current runway trends and will end up creating a gorgeous look.

By being both bold and trendy, you’ll be able to get the right look for any rave. Try these excellent ideas that can take your rave makeup to a whole new level.

Go for Electric Blue Eyelids

Vibrant colors have been a runway staple at Fashion Week, but none have been as daring as electric and cobalt blues. Whether you decide to go for a smoky eye effect with three vibrant shades of blue or keep it simple and graphic, you can’t go wrong with a bold blue at a rave. Black light blues are another good option, but don’t overdo them in the eye area. Instead, stick to the top eyelid to avoid a raccoon look.

Bright Blue Rave Makeup

Try Metallic Temporary Tattoos

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