Rami Kadi’s “Le Royaume Enchanté” Couture Dress Collection

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Published On 05 Jun 2014

It's amazing how fashion designers manage to express their vision of style and Rami Kadi is one of those designers that stuns with his creative genius. Apparently, Mr. Kadi loves to give his designs a fairytale meets opulence meets Arabic luxury spin and we absolutely adore the results given by the combo.

Titled “Le Royaume Enchanté”, Rami Kadi's latest 2014 dress collection was apparently inspired by the pages of a fairytale. The story of a princess that has just woken up in a castle after a long sleep and the idea of her walking astonished along the imposing walls of the castle's corridors and rooms inspired the designer to create dresses that have the power to spark dreams. The question whether she found or hasn't found her prince becomes irrelevant as the beauty and luxurious allure of the designer dresses make us focus on her attire only.

Tulle, silk crepe, organza, mikado, and lace were the fabrics that helped the designer transpose his vision of fashion into reality meaning quality was not sacrificed in the creation process.

Rami Kadi 2014 Dress  (1)Rami Kadi 2014 Dress  (2)
Rami Kadi 2014 Dress  (3)Rami Kadi 2014 Dress  (4)

The dramatic volumes and shapes are not something new when it comes to Rami Kadi's dresses. The new designs only open a new doors, pushing him further into the spotlight as to our opinion, the Lebanese designer could surely compete with heavy names in the high-end fashion industry, names such as Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad.

Rami Kadi 2014 Dress  (5)Rami Kadi 2014 Dress  (6)
Rami Kadi 2014 Dress  (7)Rami Kadi 2014 Dress  (8)

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