Pros and Cons of the Spark Solution Diet

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Published On 05 Jun 2014

A balanced diet that resembles the Flexitarian diet and the Mayo Clinic Diet, the Spark Solution is a popular diet that promises impressive results in just two weeks, followed by consistent weight loss, through a combination of calorie restrictions and exercise.

“The Spark Solution: A Complete Two-Week Diet Program to Fast-Track Weight Loss and Total Body Health” by Becky Hand and Stepfanie Romine offers the basics for the diet, including recipes and exercise tips. Before spending money on the book, find out of the Spark Solution is the right weight loss plan for your needs.

Pros of the Spark Solution Diet

With just 1,500 calorie per day and plenty of exercise, the Spark Solution can certainly you lose weight, but before committing to its two week plan, followed by additional guidelines, learn more about its benefits.

Follows Recommended Nutritional Guidelines

Unlike other diets that promise results in just two weeks, the Spark Solution is nutritionally sound in almost every way. When it comes to daily calories that come from protein, carbs and fat, the diet plan doesn’t stray from the government recommendations, and it excels when it comes to calcium intake, a mineral that can aid in weight loss.

It’s Structured with Little Room for Error

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