Physical Compatibility in Relationships – Should You Stay Together Without It?

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Published On 05 Oct 2014

Without physical compatibility in your relationship, you risk other types of problems popping up, from frustration to emotional detachment. However, while sexual compatibility is sometimes instant, it can also take some work.

Be prepared to put some effort into your relationship when everything seems to be going well except physical compatibility. Throwing in the towel too early can be a mistake if you don’t try to solve the issue.

Make Working on Physical Compatibility a Priority

While every romantic comedy peddles the idea of instant connection, that’s both emotional and physical, things aren’t always that idealized in real life. If you feel like you’re lacking the spark when it comes to physical compatibility, there are quite a few options to try before giving up. Improving communication can help, but keeping an open mind is always important.

Don’t Underestimate the Long Term Effects of Incompatibility

The lack of physical compatibility in your relationship might be something you can live with right now, but things usually get worse. Without the physical connection, emotional troubles and frustrations start showing up, and many can be traced back to that root problem. If you love your partner and want to give the relationship a chance, here’s what you can do to solve the issue.

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