NARS Adult Swim Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

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Published On 02 Apr 2014

The NARS Adult Swim makeup collection for summer 2014 is filled with bold options for the year's hottest days. According to a statement, the label's intent was to create a line that was “powerfully provocative and daring”, so right from the start it's quite clear that there's nothing vanilla about the new makeup products the brand is bringing into the spotlight and the promo picture featuring model Tony Garn definitely illustrates the concept well. From stunning eyeshadows to sultry lipstick tones and nail polish shades, the label brings a myriad of products worth experimenting with on a regular basis.

If stepping outside your comfort zone and trying bold tones happen to be among your style goals this season one or more of the new NARS makeup products for summer 2014 might prove a worthy addition to your makeup kit:

Nars Tropical PrincessNars Lost Coast

NARS Duo Eyeshadow ($34)
Opting for intense eyeshadow tones can be the quickest and most effective options for creating intense, memorable looks this summer and these fresh trendy limited edition tones are ideal for the task:

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