Most Successful Celebrity Fashion Lines

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Published On 04 Jul 2014

Launching a collection is easy for many celebrities, but creating a fashion business and making it last is a lot harder. Discover the most successful celebrity fashion lines, that ended up making millions and even having a big impact on the fashion world.

From fashion entrepreneurs that started out acting to singers who developed their own fashion brands at the height of their career, here are the celebrity fashion labels that had either commercial or critical success, or both.

The Jessica Simpson Collection

Definitely one of the most successful celebrity fashion lines of all time, The Jessica Simpson Collection has turned into a billion-dollar fashion empire, but the singer isn’t a billionaire yet. With everything from clothing and accessories to jewelry and beauty products, Jessica Simpson took the fashion world by storm.

Jay Z’s Rocawear

Jay Z

Founded in 1999 by Jay Z and Damon Dash, Rocawear became one of the biggest urban fashion lines. Even though Jay Z decided to sell his rights to the brand for over $200 million, he’s still involved in the marketing and product development of the label. In 2012, Rocawear took in sales of over $700 million.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s The Row

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen

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