Money Talks! Celebrities Who Performed for Dictators

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Published On 02 Jun 2014

Many celebrities perform for private parties, as long as the fee is right. Since they don’t ask any questions, they don’t just end up performing for shady business, but also entertain dictators from some of the countries with the worst human rights violations in the world.

Discover a few celebrities who performed for dictators, find out how much they were paid and how they reacted when the news of their connection with the biggest human rights violators became public.

Beyoncé – Libya

Booked for $1 million to sing at a private party in the Caribbean, Beyoncé ended up singing for the family of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2009. While the event took place in St. Barts, Beyoncé received her fee from one of the most hated dictators in the Middle East. 

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