Meet The World’s Most Fashionable Dogs

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Published On 16 Jun 2014

Mixed dog breeds are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, but some classic breeds are still loved by millions for their lovely personalities and cute little faces. If you’re looking for a dog that will stand out in a crowd, find out which breeds are truly stylish.

Discover the most fashionable dog breeds, pups that will love you unconditionally, while also drawing attention to how cute they are every time you take them out for a walk.


Imported from China to Europe in the Middle Ages during the 16th century, pugs have a much different look than those original dogs, but the same lovable personality. If you’re looking for a bigger version that’s just as cute, the Puggle, a pug and beagle mix, is even more fashionable, despite the breed being less than 30 years old. Celebrities who love pugs include Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling and Kelly Osbourne.



A hybrid of golden retrievers and poodles, the Goldendoodle is definitely one of the most fashionable dog breeds, and one of the most popular mixed breeds. Shedding much less than golden retrievers, goldendoodles are great companion dogs, but their appearance varies a lot. A healthy and intelligent breed, their popularity is increasing every year. Usher and Kenny Chesney are among the breed’s celebrity fans.


French Bulldog

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