Make Your Own DIY Summer Cut-Off Shorts! Here’s How

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Published On 10 Jul 2014

If you’re thinking of turning jeans into shorts instead of buying new denim cut offs, you can easily transform your old jeans into a fresh pair of shorts, that you can also decorate according to the latest trends, with floral appliqués or even lace.

Learn how to make your own DIY cut offs with a set of simple instructions. Whether you want cuffed shorts, or a fringe finish, here’s how you can save part of your old jeans and turn them into a new pair of shorts.

Choose the Right Pair of Jeans

Repurposing your old jeans sounds simple, but you need to pick the right pair in order to make your new shorts. Stretchy denim is a bad idea for cut offs, so go for jeans in a regular fabric. If they have damage in the shorts area, you shouldn’t even bother, so make sure that you pick the right pair. If they’re fitted in the thigh area, they might not make the best shorts, but with a little extra effort you can still make them work.

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