Kim Kardashian’s Worst Dressed Moments

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Published On 26 Mar 2014

While Kim and Kanye’s matching outfits get a lot of criticism, Kim Kardashian’s style has even more lows when she’s on her own. Discover Kim Kardashian’s worst dressed moments, outfits that might be stylish by themselves, but failed when worn or accessorized by Kim.

From her pregnancy fashion mistakes to looks that still make her look bad even when she’s at her ideal weight, see Kim Kardashian’s worst looks, outfits that rightfully landed her on the worst dressed list.

1. Givenchy ''couch dress'' from the MET Gala

The Givenchy gown what landed her at no. 2 on Time magazine’s Worst Dressed in 2013 list, was simply the wrong choice for Kim. 

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