Is Your Hairstyle Outdated?

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Published On 05 Jun 2014

There are various signs that can tell you if your hairstyle is looking outdated, one of them is the fact that you're not seeing that many people wearing their hair similarly. The newest hairstyle trends spread like wildfire among hairstyle enthusiasts and trendy divas, so it's best to take your style cue from the runway or from the trends set by some of the best hair stylists of the world.

Now, you dolls that want to look polished on a daily basis know that the key to a stunning, enviable look is versatility. Yes, healthy hair is a beauty booster, but if the hair is not styled right or if you're sporting the same 'do over and over again, you won't look as hot as when you're playing with different on trend hairstyles. So, to make your job easier and to make sure you're hairstyle is not looking outdated, we've put together a selection of summer hairstyle ideas that are popular but not high maintenance.

Chic Updos

Polished Bun HairstyleChic Messy Updo
Simple Bun HairstyleBallerina Bun

Obviously on a hot summer day the last thing you want is your hair to stick to your skin as you're sweating. So, the best thing is to focus on up hairstyles and fortunately variety is not an issue. Chic updos are quite easy to style, but if you're really looking for low maintenance updo hairstyles, the polished bun, a messy low updo or a chic ballerina bun are the hairstyles for you.

Although polished buns look super professional, with the help of a hair doughnut or a sock you'll be able to style this sleek updo with minimum effort. Ballerina buns can be styled easily with the help of a hair elastic and some bobby pins, so experiment with the texture and the angle of the bun and you'll look amazing.

Ponytails, Braids and Twists

Braided Ponytail HairPonytail Hair
Messy Updo HairstyleBraided Updo Hairstyle

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