How to Wear Tie-Dye

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Published On 12 Jun 2014

If you’ve always loved tie-dye but avoided it because it was never really on trend, this is your lucky season. Brands from Michael Kors and Alexander Wang to Gucci have been dipping back into the tie-dye look for their most recent resort collection, so don’t be afraid to jump right in this summer.

Find out how to wear tie-dye without going too far, and how to choose the right fabrics and accessories in order to create a fresh and vibrant look without losing your own style in the mix.

Start with an Accessory

If you don’t know how to dip your toe in tie-dye, the easiest way to rock this cool trend is to start with an accessory. Long and flowy tie-dye scarves can be the perfect summer accessory and you won’t feel like tie-dye is taking over your look completely. Another subtle approach is to go for simple tie-dye shoes or backpack, without any intricate patterns.

Tie Dye Accessories

Choose the Right Fabrics

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