How to Wear Denim in the Summer

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Published On 14 Jul 2014

When the weather is too hot for the jeans that do wonders for your butt, it’s time to temporarily retire them, but you don’t have to give up denim all summer long. Find out how to mix style and comfort when it comes to denim in the summertime.

Discover how to wear denim in the summer without giving up comfort and sweating too much. From special denim fabrics that absorb more moisture to clothing that will allow better air circulation, check out the best options for summer denim.

Choose Stretchy Denim

More and more brands are putting out special denim pieces for the summer. Made from cotton with just a touch of lycra, these special fabrics absorb moisture much better than traditional heavy denim, making them a much better fit for hot summer months, when you’re facing extreme temperatures, whether the weather dry or humid.

Denim For Summer Inspiration

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