How to Wear Camo

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Published On 10 Jul 2014

Camo is turning out to be a major trend this year, and Vogue magazine has called it “the tomboy’s answer” to trendy floral prints. Whether your style is purely feminine or you like to go for the occasional masculine influence, camouflage can work for you.

Find out how to wear camouflage by following a few simple style rules that will help you take this casual and masculine print and turn it into a beautiful addition to your stylish wardrobe. With these simple tips, you won’t risk going too far with camo.

Stick to a Single Camo Item

Head to toe camo is a great look for soldiers and members of the “Duck Dynasty” cast. One piece of clothing with the camouflage print is enough, whether it’s jeans, a jacket or even a dress. If you love the classic army camo, in green and brown, go for a smaller piece or even a camo accessory. For a bigger piece, choose either a more muter camouflage print in grays or different colors.

Show a Little Skin

When you’re wondering how to wear camo without going too masculine with your look, the answer is simple: show a little skin. Structured camouflage pieces are the way to rock the trend in colder months, but during the summer feel free to show off your arms, legs or even your midriff, with a trendy crop top.

Wearing Camouflage

Go for Structured Pieces

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