How to Turn Down a Date…Nicely

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Published On 17 Sep 2014

Whether a stranger is hitting on you in a bar or you get a date request on your online dating profile, turning it down isn’t always easy. If you care about being polite and not hurting anyone’s feelings, here’s how to turn down a date in the best ways.

Being unclear about your rejection doesn’t help, but being mean is also a bad idea. Find out how to say “no” to a date without adding any humiliation or other negative emotions to the rejection.

Never Say “Maybe” If You Mean “No”

Turning someone down easy doesn’t mean sneaking in a “maybe” when what you’d really like to say is “no”. Take a moment to get your thoughts together and be honest. Blurting out anything that sounds like a “maybe” might make him redouble his efforts to convince you and make the final rejection even more unpleasant for everybody.

Be Blunt, But Not Mean

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