How to Treat Red Eyes

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Published On 28 Sep 2014

Medical conditions like conjunctivitis and blepharitis can start out with red, bloodshot eyes, but when the change is very gradual, you’re probably just dealing with dryness or maybe even allergies that haven’t been diagnosed yet.

Find out how to treat red eyes when the symptoms are slow to develop and they’re limited to more visible blood vessels on your cornea. If you have any other symptoms, from fever and irritated eyelids to light sensitivity or vision issues, you should consult a doctor.

Apply Cold Compresses

The easiest remedy for bloodshot eyes is a cold compress. They don’t just have a constricting effect on the blood vessels, but they can also impact fluid retention in the eye area. Slices of cucumber won’t do, you should use a washcloth with ice water, or for an even more refreshing effect, keep used teabags in the refrigerator for mornings in which you wake up with red eyes.

Try Artificial Tears

Over the counter artificial tears are also an excellent answer to the question of how to treat red eyes. They’re particularly useful when you’re dealing with eye dryness. Lubricating eye drops should always be used according to the recommendations on the packaging, since they won’t have the intended effect if you underuse them.

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