How to Talk to Your Partner About an Open Relationship

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Published On 02 Sep 2014

Monogamy continues to be the default for relationships, so discussing a different choice may seem like a very difficult proposition. If you’re interested in hooking up outside of your relationship, but don’t want to be a cheater, this is one discussion you must have.

Learn the basics of how to talk to your partner about an open relationship, in order to make the experience as effective as possible. Start by being honest with yourself and move on from there with these simple tips.

Figure Out Your Reasons

Bisexuals often prefer open relationships, but that’s not the only reason why people end up in a monogamish relationship. A big difference in libidos or simple the need to experiment with things that your partner isn’t interested in also lead some couples to open their relationship. However, if the reason is just that you’re bored sexually, but your partner is willing to experiment and spice things up, don’t rush into opening your relationship.

Make Sure That Your Relationship Has a Strong Trust Bond

Before you talk to your partner about an open relationship, it’s important to know that trust is part of the foundation of your relationship. When trust issues are a problem you’re already dealing with, trying to go monogamish will probably end up destroying your relationship, especially if you have a jealous partner.

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