How to Style a Bow Half Updo Hairstyle

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Published On 09 May 2014

Hair bows are one of those hairstyles for long hair that tend to be quite polarizing: women either love the idea of sporting the look or they simply don't see themselves choosing the hair bow look. While the idea of a hair bow like the one Lady Gaga sported a while back can indeed be intimating for many women, when styled right, the hair bow can serve as a gorgeous accessory for women of different ages. There are some interesting variations that are cute without being over the top and a bow half updo hairstyle is one of the best examples.

Styling a bow half updo can also be intimidating at a first glance. However, hair bows are not necessarily something that have to be left in the hands of the pros. In fact, creating a bow half updo hairstyle is quite simple and it doesn't even require any hair styling products. Here's how to style this chic half updo:

Before starting, make sure to have a hair elastic, a hair barrette and six bobby pins within close reach.

Styling Hair Bow

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