How to Know If Makeup Is Breaking You Out

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Published On 04 Jun 2014

Whether you’re dealing with acne-prone skin, sensitive or even normal skin, breakouts are unavoidable from time to time. If you’re worried that you’re using the wrong makeup, find out more about how to recognize adverse reactions and how to choose products with a lower risk of causing a breakout.

Once you’re taken in all the information, you won’t be wondering how to know if makeup is breaking you out, because you’ll already have all the tools to figure it out and to stop it.

Carefully Analyze the Reaction

There are two types of unwanted reactions that makeup can cause: the instant ones and the delayed reactions. If you’re breaking out in less that a day after you applied a new product, the culprit is probably an allergy to one of the ingredients. 

However, most of the time the breakout occurs weeks after you’ve started using something new, so it can be more difficult to pin point which makeup product is actually to blame.

Rule Out Food

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