How to Hide Sun Spots

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Published On 26 Apr 2014

Created when melanin gather under your skin after repeated exposure to UV radiation, sun spots may be natural, but they create an extra problem for your beauty routine and makeup bag. If you’re wondering how to hide sun spots, find out which concealer and face powder work best to disguise them, and which products can help make them go away for good.

How to Hide Sun Spots with Yellow Makeup

The first thing you should try when you start noticing sun spots is getting yellow-based makeup. Since sun spots are brown, the yellow hue in concealer and powder can help disguise them. When you’re using a yellow-based concealer in order to hide sun spots, it’s always better to go with one that either perfectly matches your skin tone or is one shade lighter.

Cover-up concealer with a yellow base has the power to completely hide sun spots, but you don’t need to use too much. Using a pointy concealer brush, apply it directly on the sun spots, staying within the edges. Stick to your regular foundation and gently pat a bit of it over the concealer, before blending well. Finish with a loose face powder that also has a yellow tone and the effect is complete. You’ll also benefit from translucent face powder.

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