How to Get Out of a Toxic Relationship

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Published On 18 Sep 2014

Realizing your relationship is toxic can make breaking up easier, but moving on from someone who makes you feel unaccepted or anxious is a step you absolutely have to make, the sooner the better.

Find out how to get out of a toxic relationship, from finding the courage to surrounding yourself with people who can help. If your partner is taking a lot from you emotionally with or without giving anything back, here’s how to start the process of recovery for yourself.

Get in Touch with Your Emotions

The first thing you need to do is accept that your significant other is the reason for your misery. If you feel criticized or controlled in a way that’s clearly negative, embrace that. Healthy relationships are based on mutual respect and support. If you’re not getting that, and instead you find yourself subjected to a judgmental or belittling attitude, accept that the relationship is toxic and it has to end.

Stop Blaming Yourself

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