How to End a First Date

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Published On 24 Sep 2014

There are many ways in which the end of a date can go wrong, even if you’re both really into each other. Find out how to banish the awkwardness and really end your first date on a positive note, based on your expectations for what happens next.

Check out a few useful tips on how to end a first date whether you’re planning to see the guy again or not. Being prepared always helps, so make sure that you have transportation options if things go wrong, so you don’t have to extend any potential awkwardness.

If You’re Really Into Him

Ideally, if you’re both having a great time, the best way to end a first date is with a kiss, but that’s not the only requirement. Whether you’re saying goodbye on your doorstep or outside a restaurant, here’s what needs to be done.

Let Him Know!

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