How to Dress for Riding a Motorcycle

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Published On 22 May 2014

You might be able to get away with light clothing when you’re riding scooter, but on a motorcycle, it’s important to be protected from a wide variety of dangers, from windburn and sunburn to exhaust burns and more dangerous wounds caused by falling off or any other accident.

Once you know how to dress for riding a motorcycle, you’ll be able to protect yourself correctly, even for a very short ride. Forget about using your street clothes, like you would on a Vespa, and discover the motorcycle gear essentials.

Putting Safety First

Whether you’re planning on taking a trip that last for a few hours or are simply taking a short ride on a motorcycle, you need to make sure that you’re protected in case of an accident. A leather jacket and jeans are the minimum amount of protection, but you should actually be wearing motorcycle gear, from a thick jacket and pants to a full-face helmet. You need to stay protected no matter if the weather is hot or not, and boots are another item you have to check on your list before getting on a motorcycle.

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