How to Deal With the Silent Treatment

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Published On 24 Sep 2014

Interrupting any form of communication is a way that many couples deal with conflict, but experts agree it’s a really bad idea and it has no place in a healthy relationship. If your partner refuses to communicate after an argument, here’s how you should handle the situation.

It’s not easy to deal with the silent treatment, but with the right advice you can make it a lot less hurtful. Discover the right way to react to it and find out how to talk to your partner about retiring it from your relationship altogether.

Don’t Let It Get to You

The reasons your man gives you the silent treatment can vary. Sometimes it’s used as a way to hold back anger and avoid a huge arguments, other times it’s a punishment that’s supposed to be really hurtful. Regardless of the reason, it’s not something you can control, so the only solution is staying in a positive place and avoid letting yourself get affected by it. Try listening to your favorite music or exercising in order to focus on something else.

Avoid Returning It

No matter how you choose to deal with the silent treatment, it’s very important to do whatever you can to eliminate it from your relationship. The very first step for that is never using it yourself. If you need to cool off or some space, tell your partner in a calm and warm voice that you’d really appreciate a little time with your thoughts. If you use it as a weapon against your partner, the same way he uses it against you, there’s only one loser: your relationship.

Stay Upbeat

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